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Mini bypass in Turkey

You can stop dreaming – today almost anyone can undergo a mini bypass / gastric sleeve and lose weight immediately through weight loss surgery.

Are you frustrated with your weight? Can't get it off? Have you tried all the diets in the world without success? There is a solution !
A mini-bypass in Turkey for quick and safe weight loss and maintaining weight for years…

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You are not alone!

"For many years I tried every diet and changing trends to lose weight, even when I finally managed to lose weight I quickly gained it all back and sometimes even more. I was in complete despair.
"Then I heard dozens of women who flew to Turkey and fulfiled their dream… to be thin forever.

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Some facts worth understanding

The treatment of obesity is designed to create a new energy balance in the body that prevents weight gain,by significantly reducing "food consumption"  and a significant change in its absorption, and combining physical activity.

Obesity in the Western world is steadily increasing  Today it is considered an epidemic, obesity results from an imbalance between calorie consumption and the body's "burning of calories".

Mini bypass/sleeve/stomach shortening surgery is the most effective treatment for achieving weight loss for overweight and obese people.

Treatment of various diets medical and non-medical preparations is successful over time in only about 5% of cases, when the reason for the failure is usually hunger and frustration.

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What BMI is suitable for mini bypass in Turkey?

From 29 bmi

Is it dangerous have surgery in Turkey?

The hospital is a government approved with operating rooms and intensive care. A high level hospital with all the latest and most professional equipment. The professional experience of the surgeon is over 20 years with hundreds of satisfied customers from all over the world.

How long should you stay in Turkey?

A total of 4 days. 2 nights in the hospital and 1 night in the hotel.

I don't speak Turkish

From the moment you arrive at the hospital, there is an Israeli translator who is with you in a consultation with the surgeon, during the tests, and the entire operation process. You speak english and will understand every step question or request

How long does the operation take and is it dangerous?

This is a relatively simple procedure that lasts only about 40 minutes. The surgery is done by 4 small holes in the abdomen and without a large incision or suture along the abdomen (there is no opening of the abdomen in the incision).

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What is mini bypass surgery? At what weight can the surgery be done? Are doctors who operate in Turkey professional? Starting from which bmi can be analyzed? How much weight can you lose? And what is the price for a mini-bypass in Turkey and more… mini-bypass surgery

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